Murin Company has also designed landscapes for many commercial businesses throughout Michigan and within surrounding states.

The professionals at Murin Company will work with the business owner and maintenance staff to create a design that will be attractive and easy to maintain.

A good-looking landscape is an important investment for a business and it should only require a reasonable level of regular maintenance.

For your commercial property, Murin Company can provide:Commercial Landscape

  • New construction landscape design.
  • Ground clearing, brush and tree removal.
  • Ground leveling, land manipulation, and berm creation.
  • Tree planting or reloction.
  • Hydroseeding
  • Installation of sprinkler systems.
  • Creation of drain fields.
  • Retaining walls & fences.
  • Paths and walkways.
  • Ponds and fountains.


In addition to hydroseeding, Murin Company can design and install manual or automatic sprinkler systems to help keep your business or residential landscape healthy.

Murin Company cleared, resurfaced, and hydroseeded the ski hill, golf course, and residential areas of Apple Mountain Development in Freeland, Michigan. 


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