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Industrial developments can benefit from Murin Company’s services in many ways. Murin can clear unsightly overgrown areas and create a new landscape design.
They can also take overdeveloped and unattractive areas near industrial sites and create lush lawns or add trees and shrubs, putting a softer edge on the industrial look.

Murin Company has the equipment needed to handle large expanses of land that may have been previously untouched. A landscape design from Murin can
convert an area that is eyesore to something that is eye pleasing.



Murin Company can provide industrial sites:


    • New construction landscape design.
    • Large scale ground clearing, brush and tree removal.

Tree Maintenance

  • Ground leveling, land manipulation, and berm creation.
  • Tree planting or relocation.
  • Large-acre hydroseeding
  • Installation of sprinkler systems
  • Retaining walls & fences.
  • Creation of drain fields.
  • Paths and walkways.
  • Ponds and fountains.



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